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Columbia College Days (commonly known as just College Days) is the annual celebration of Columbia College. College Days usually takes the shape of a series of events that aim to raise school sprit and pride. The events typically take place in early April and are organized by the Campus Life Committee of CCSC.


College Days was initially started in 2002 with a goal of developing school-spirit and pride. College Days sometimes incorporates Dean's Day into the calendar of events. In 2004, College Days inaugurated the King's Ball, the first four-class formal in nearly 100 years.[1] In 2005, they forgot to hold College Days. No one noticed. They did hold a King's Ball, but some kids got busted for various "acts" and as a result the Ball was called off the next year. In 2006, College Days came back, with lots of honoring of Austin Quigley's 10 years as Dean of CC. Free t-shirts were also given out.

In 2012, CCSC announced that the 2013 College Days would be replaced instead by a new week-long "Columbia Music Festival" in partnership with WKCR, Bacchanal, WBAR, and Postcrypt, culminating in the Bacchanal Spring Concert.