Columbia Democrats Annual Campaign Trip

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The annual campaign trip of the Democrats is coordinated by the lead activists of the College Democrats

The trip is held over the Election Day weekend. The trip is completely free for Columbia students, as it is paid for by the respective political campaigns.

The first campaign trip took place in 2004 and was the work of Elizabeth Brown and Seth Flaxman. The trip to Lorain County, Ohio, was bankrolled partially by Sherrod Brown and was enormously successful, though the rest of the state was less fortunate.

Subsequent trips included:

  • 2005: Virginia and the successful gubernatorial bid of Tim Kaine
  • 2006: Ohio, for Brown's successful senatorial race against incumbent Mike DeWine
  • 2007: Kentucky, for the successful gubernatorial bid of Steve Beshear
  • 2008: Virginia, for the successful Presidential bid for Barack Obama
  • 2009: Virginia, for the unsuccessful gubernatorial bid of Creigh Deeds
  • 2010: Pennsylvania, for the unsuccessful congressional bid of incumbent Patrick Murray
  • 2011: Ohio, for the successful referendum of the Ohio Collective Bargaining Limit Repeal
  • 2012: Ohio, for the successful Presidential reelection bid for Barack Obama