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|Executive board=Sakina Pasha (President)<br>Mijael Damian (Vice President)<br>Miguel Rodriguez (Chief Engineer)<br>Vinod Nimmagadda (Treasurer)
|Executive board=Matthew Sheridan (President)<br>Lana Wang (Vice President)<br>Erik Elbieh (Chief Engineer)<br>Kevin Chen (Treasurer)
|Category=[[:Category:Competitive clubs|Competitive]], [[:Category:Pre-professional clubs|Pre-professional]]
|Category=[[:Category:Competitive clubs|Competitive]], [[:Category:Pre-professional clubs|Pre-professional]]
|Website= [http://www.columbia.edu/cu/sae www.columbia.edu/cu/sae]
|Website= [http://www.columbia.edu/cu/sae www.columbia.edu/cu/sae]

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Columbia Society of Automotive Engineers
Founded: 1997
Recognition: ABC
Membership: 38
Executive Board: Matthew Sheridan (President)
Lana Wang (Vice President)
Erik Elbieh (Chief Engineer)
Kevin Chen (Treasurer)
Category: Competitive, Pre-professional
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/sae
Contact: fsae@columbia.edu


The Columbia Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), also known as Knickerbocker Motorsports, is an engineering student group that competes in Formula SAE, an international, intercollegiate engineering competition. Their objective is to conceive, design, fabricate, and compete with small formula-style racing cars purpose built for the weekend autocrosser. Restrictions are placed on the car frame and engine by SAE International for safety purposes and to challenge the knowledge, creativity, and imagination of the students.

Membership and Recognition

SAE is recognized by the Activities Board at Columbia and receives substantial support from the Mechanical Engineering department in SEAS.

In addition to mechanical engineers, SAE has members from Columbia College, Barnard College and other departments including Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science. Members include first-years through seniors.

To be added to the mailing list, please send an email to fsae@columbia.edu.

Team meetings take place Wednesdays at 9pm in either 227 or 327 Mudd. The team holds their main weekly shop day on Friday, from noon until 10pm.

The Cars

The team constructed a race car for the Formula SAE competition in Michigan in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2009. The 2008 car was the team's first car to finish all dynamic events and placed 67th out of 120 teams. The 2009 car was the most successful to date, placing 64th out of 120 teams, although a fuel pump failure during the endurance race cost the team significant improvement in rankings. The 2010 car is currently under construction and will compete at Michigan International Speedway in May.

The race car is supported by a tubular steel space frame, which is fabricated by the team from scratch. It is powered by a four-cylinder 600cc motorcycle engine. The current engine is from a Honda CBR600 F4i. Engine performance is limited via a mandatory 20mm intake restrictor. The engine is fuel injected, and the fuel-air mixture is governed by a custom engine management computer. The 2010 car features pullrod-actuated shock absorbers, front and rear anti roll bars, rocker-actuated steering to accommodate minimum cockpit dimensions, and a multi-channel data acquisition system.

The vehicles accommodate a single driver in an open cockpit configuration.



The team operates out of a workshop located in the basement of the Seeley W. Mudd building (room B77). It is furnished with machining and welding equipment, and a dynamometer financed by the Columbia Engineering Alumni Association. There is also access to the street via the Mudd parking garage.


This student group occasionally displays their car on College Walk.

The race car also participates in the New York International Auto Show.

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