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Founded: 2000
Recognition: ABC/SGA
Membership: ?
Category: Performing Arts

Columbian University Performing Arts League (CUPAL) is an umbrella organization for participating performing arts groups at Columbia and Barnard. It is counterintuitively pronounced "see-you-pal."


CUPAL was formed in 2000 by students Natalie Robin and Stacey McMath, who at the time were on the executive boards of KCST and Latenite Theatre, respectively. They formed CUPAL as a way of increasing communication among campus performing arts groups.


CUPAL aims to foster a closer performing arts community at Columbia, where individual groups are known to be somewhat insular. This is done by facilitating intergroup communication and collaboration, which includes sharing of resources and a united front for dealing with administration.

Special Project

At least once per semester, CUPAL sponsors a "special project", an original production which is not tied to any established performing arts group.


CUPAL holds an annual showcase in which all of its member groups contribute to a single production in order to expand the audience of each participating group.

Member groups

Any performing arts group can apply for membership to CUPAL. The current members are:

External Links

CUPAL official website - not updated since Fall '05