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columbia buy sell memes is Columbia’s unofficial official meme page. It boasts almost 50,000 members, with regular posting of memes by students. One of its characteristics is that, unlike most other meme groups, it is a buy/sell group on Facebook, leading to students also incorporating the price of the memes that they’re “selling” as part of their jokes.

One of many memes posted on this page


CBSM was founded in December 2016 by Christina Hill (CC ’19) and Lauren Beltrone (BC ’17), making it one of the earliest college meme pages. It grew rapidly from there. In April 2017, Martin Shkreli, best known for dramatically raising prices of life-saving drugs and for going to jail for fraud, posted in the page, asking “are columbia women better looking than barnard or is the premise of the question disgusting plz discuss.” He continued to post for a while, eventually livestreaming AMAs and claiming that he would show up at Mel’s (he ultimately did not). [1]

The page has produced several memelords over the years, including (but not limited to) Rafael Ortiz (CC ’18) and Stan Liao (SEAS ’21).

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