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Community Food and Juice was a restaurant on Broadway between 112th and 113th, replacing Nacho's Kitchen, which closed in mid-2007. The restaurant claimed to be "green", "health-focused", "environmentally friendly", and other bullshit stuff like that. Plus the "community" brand and minimalist-spartan-white interior gave the place a pseudo-communist feel.

It served a great brunch (15 min wait at weekends), and the dinner menu was equally delicious. However, prices were a touch higher than other Morningside Heights eateries, kind of on the same level as Carne and Cafe du Soleil.

In April 2009, Community Food and Juice burned down, which displaced some students in Nussbaum who had their rooms trashed by the NY Fire Department. Many argue that this was the wrath of God, due to Community's overpriced food that was never really worth it. The place eventually reopened.

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