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David Eisenbach CC '94 TC '?? MA '?? PhD '?? is a crazy professor who has hung around Columbia forever but seems to have no academic home. He's tangentially affiliated with the History Department, where he received his BA in modern European history and his PhD in American history, but is officially a "Core Lecturer". Consequently, he not only teaches history but Lit Hum, Contemporary Civilization, Music Hum, and classes on the media and Shakespeare. He also teaches at the Manhattan School of Music, where the equally crazy anti-Columbia songstress Nellie McKay was his student. She subsequently wrote a song about him.

Eisenbach's activities have included advocacy on behalf of presidential candidate Mike Gravel, for whom he served as communications director, advocating the return of Minutemen head Jim Gilchrist (to debate student agitator Karina Garcia in a forum he created called "Friendly Fire"), and hosting a classtime appearance by the Obama Girl.

Cementing his reputation for offbeat craziness, Eisenbach will soon attain his lifelong dream of hosting a History Channel show about Washington sex scandals. Really.


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