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Cuisine American diner
Location Broadway between 112th and 113th
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Menu Menu
Violations 10 points

Deluxe is a somewhat upmarket diner on Broadway between 112th St and 113th St.

It serves a wide range of dishes, most of which are fairly reliable. The breakfast menu includes pancakes, eggs, and sausages, but these are widely considered expensive. The lunch and dinner menu is better value and includes salads, steaks, and burgers starting at about $8. Also, the three-egg omelet is pretty good. Whatever you do though, stay away from the soups.

However, the service is dreadful. Everything is very slow, from ordering, to getting the food, to waiting for the check. The servers all too frequently forget your order or bring you something completely different. Food also arrives at all sorts of different temperatures, so maybe some of the delays are because the food is sitting around somewhere. Such inconsistent service makes eating at Deluxe a "hit or miss" experience.


<googlemap lat="40.805859" lon="-73.965186" type="map" zoom="16" width="500" height="300" controls="small"> 40.805859, -73.965186, Deluxe (American) </googlemap>