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Emily Lloyd served as a senior administrator at Columbia from 1994 to [[2004] most noted for her role in improving relations between the university and the neighborhood.

In 1994 President George Rupp appointed Lloyd Executive Vice President for Administration. She stayed on in the position under Lee Bollinger, though in January of 2003 she was reassigned to the newly created position of EVP for Government and Community Affairs, roughly halving her previous responsibilities.[1][2] Robert Kasdin, whom Bollinger had brought with him from the University of Michigan and installed in the newly created post of Senior EVP, took over the non-community related responsibilities of Lloyd's former position. Many outside observers, particularly in the community, claimed that Lloyd was being demoted and had been systematically left out of Bollinger's 'inner-circle' of decision makers, in stark contrast with he role under Rupp.

Lloyd left her position in the summer of 2004.[3] At the time Bollinger stated that no replacement would be sought and that the government and community affairs portfolio would be assigned to Loretta Ucelli, who had been hired just a few months before as the new EVP Communications and External Relations. However, Ucelli failed miserably at the dual role, and Maxine Griffith was hired in Summer of 2005 to fill the post of VP Government and Community Affairs and report to Ucelli.[4] Ucelli left Columbia within a month and Griffith was promoted to EVP and reports directly to Bollinger.[5]