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The Engineering Student Council (ESC) represents the interests of SEAS students. You can email the council at


Any club that includes SEAS students or wants to hold an event that will include SEAS students can apply for ESC co-sponsorship. Applications must be submitted by 6pm on Friday to be considered at the next ESC meeting. Email VP Intergroup Nathalie Torres at for more info. Always fill the application out in full and with as much information as possible.

  • Segregate all costs to avoid ambiguity:
Instead of "Decorations & Food - $500", write "Decorations - $200, Food - $300".
  • When asking co-sponsorship from CCSC, ESC, SGA and GSSC, always ask in ratio (3:1:2:0.9) unless you have a specific reason against asking in ratio.
Instead of "ESC - $500, CCSC - $500", write "ESC - $250, CCSC - $750".

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