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Fruit Paunch is a student improv group, formed in 2003 when Six Milks and Two Left Feet merged. Annual shows include the "Formal Show" in the fall and the "24 Hour Show" in the spring. Several Fruit Paunch members are also involved in the Varsity Show, XMAS! A Secular Spectacular!, LateNite, CMTS, and KCST.

2006-2007 members

Web site

While Fruit Paunch was never known to rely much on their official Web site, since September, 2006 (at least), the site has contained only the text "Someone owes me $20. -Cody". This message was posted by Cody Hess, SEAS '06, who was listed as their official webmaster and member of the campus' other improv troupe, Klaritin. Not surprisingly, he claims that this was done in retribution for the group's failure to compensate him for his service as webmaster. A look at cunix reveals that aside from the default page index.html, all previous web files are present, intact, and owned current Fruit Paunch president, Addison Anderson. In other words, nothing is actually stopping the group from restoring their page.

In 2006, another Klaritin member, Alex Weinberg purchased and gave it to Addison Anderson as an act of goodwill. It was never developed, and currently lies dormant.

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