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The General Studies Student Council (GSSC) represents students in the School of General Studies.

The purpose of the General Studies Student Council (GSSC) of Columbia University is to represent the undergraduate population of the School of General Studies by pursuing academic, political, social, and administrative initiatives of interest to that student body. The General Studies Student Council acts as a liaison between the student body and the administration, the larger University community, the local, state and federal governments, and other individuals and organizations. The ultimate task of the GSSC is to ensure that it serves the needs of the Columbia students of the School of General Studies in all their diversity. GSSC elects its executive board and appoints the other council members.

Policy wise, GSSC formats and passes resolutions for the issues students care about. GSSC has tackled the latin diploma and swipe access issues nearly every year. Students are encouraged to submit their requests for action on GS-relevant policy issues.

Resolutions Passed in 2010-2011 American Language Program Resolution[1] Online Course Evaluation Resolution [2] CU-EMS Proposal for Broadway Residence Space [3] Resolution in Support of POTUS Project [4]

Resolutions Passed in 2011-2012 Pupin Plaza Resolution [5] Resolution on Financial Aid [6] Resolution on GS Class Day 2012 [7]

On the events side, GSSC hosts, on average, 50 events a year which encompass a wide range of social, academic, and philanthropic avenues. Students are encouraged to sbmit event requests and generally are allowed to bring guests. GSSC also hosts the GS Gala every spring,[8] a formal event for GS students and guests. It's a very popular evening of dining, dancing, and celebration. Tickets tend to sell out in hours.

2011-2012 Current Council Members:

Jacqueline Thong | Student Body President
Rachel Boehr | Vice President of Policy
Jennifer Wisdom | Vice President of Communications
Scott Bacon | Vice President of Student Events
Peter Fisher | Vice President of Finance
Jose Robledo | University Senator
Nicole Morgan | Chief Policy Representative
Alex Lee | Chief Communications Representative
Amanda Koch | Senior Class President
Kyle Riggle | Senior Class Vice President
Briana Holmer | Social Chair
Elle Littlefield | Alumni Affairs Representative
Laura Wasserman | Four Council Representative
Angela Kelichner | Academic Affairs Representative
Justin Carter | Student Services Representative
Benjamin Briggs | Comptroller
Angelica Hoyos | Working Students Representative
Arakel Minias | International Students Representative
Ryan Robinson | Veteran Students Representative
Miguel Morel | Community Services Representative
Crissy McConnell | First Year Class President
Nick Hesselgrave | First Year Class Vice President


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