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This chart shows the flow of student life fees paid by undergraduates. The fees are collected by the University, then given in ratio to the student councils based on student body population. At F@CU, the councils divide the money between the governing boards.

The Student Activity Governing Boards at Columbia are several bodies (normally cited as either 6 or 7) that govern specific categories of student activities and organizations. Their primary purposes are to grant official recognition to student groups, and dole out funding.

List of governing boards

The six undergraduate governing boards are:

The seventh, slightly different, governing board is:


The main functions of the governing boards are:

  • set rules, policies and timelines for student groups to receive recognition
  • award and distribute funding to recognized groups
  • provide recognized groups with various benefits such as a Columbia student group account and the ability to reserve space with University Events Management, and in the case of some boards, the rights to use the Columbia logo, space in Dodge Fitness Center, etc.
  • appeal to the undergraduate student councils for funding out of student life fees at the end of each academic year in an event known as 'F@CU' (pronounced 'fack-yoo')

Reflecting its position as an independent institution, but one that is integrated into the Columbia community in many ways, Barnard College's participation in funding the governing boards (and thus student groups) is particularly complicated.


  1. Though technically an independent institution affiliated with Columbia, Barnard students are in many ways integrated into the wider Columbia student community. This is one of many layers of the complex Columbia-Barnard Relationship.