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Hannah Germond GS '16 was President of the General Studies Student Council. She bears an uncanny resemblance to Leslie Knope of the sitcom Parks & Recreation, right down to having held office as city councilor in her small Indiana town[1].

In 2012 Germond was elected First Year Class President, and led the only active first year class in contemporary GSSC memory.

GSSC Presidency

In April 2013, Germond won 57.9 percent of the 514 votes cast in a three-candidate race that included Robbie LeDesma and Joe Ramos for GS Student Body President [2].

According to Spec, "[she] said that, as president, she especially wants to reach out to underrepresented student groups like students with children, and LGBT, international, and Jewish Theological Seminary students."

Germond's administration did successfully connect to student parents by working with with CUFSN to host events and sponsor a resolution calling for subsidies. Additionally, GSSC under her watch partnered with LGBT students by expanding ties with GS' queer group, the GS Alliance.

Perhaps the most significant positive development during her term was the corrupt as fuck GSSC elections board merging into the Columbia Elections Board. Her VP of Communications was also praised for transitioning GSSC's weekly newsletter from HTML to MailChimp.

During her term, GSSC was virtually frozen by infighting. Several corruption scandals took place, including allegations of a GSSC member making physical threats, and GSSC members misrepresenting their work on LinkedIn. Her lieutenants proposed working with student publications to censor online comments during election season.

Preceded by
Jennifer Wisdom
GSSC Student Body President 
Succeeded by
Peter Nason