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The Heyman Center for the Humanities supposedly provides a forum where all the humanities departments can intersect. It is located in East Campus - swipe in or sign in via the regular EC entrance, then turn left. The center's director is Akeel Bilgrami.

Ostensibly an interdisciplinary center, the governing board of the Heyman Center is a collection of veritable academic badasses.

Programs housed within the Heyman Center include the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, the Center for the Study of Human Rights, Society of Fellows in the Humanities, and the Society of Senior Scholars.

The center organizes a number of colloquia, lectures, and seminars including the Lionel Trilling Seminars and the Edward Said Memorial Lecture.

The Center also sometimes feels like a refuge for a who's who of Columbia College and the Core Curriculum's old guard, including William Theodore de Bary, Peter Pouncey, and a number of others (thanks most likely to the Society of Senior Scholars), though under Bilgrami's directorship the program has grown somewhat more radical.

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