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How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) is sitcom about a group of friends living in Manhattan as they discover and achieve their life goals of studying and teaching at Columbia. Below is a list of references to Columbia throughout the series:

  • 01x07 - (16m) Marshall and Lilly attempt to take a captured Cockamouse to the Columbia Biology Department, but it escapes.
  • 02x02 - (12m) Marshall tells an NYU girl that he is in his 3rd year at Columbia Law.
  • 02x04 - (14m) The gang attend a party Columbia Law party, complete with establishing shot of Low and Earl/Lewisohn.
    • Ted from 2030: Now the party was for some of Marshall's classmates from Columbia Law School, who by day were some of the sharpest and most serious young legal minds in the country. By night, however...
    • Robin: Damn, these are some drunk almost-lawyers.
    • Full Transcript
  • 02x09 - (10m) Marshall researches common-law marriages, and checks all of Canada's marriage records at the Columbia Law Library
  • 02x11 - (15m) Marshall blows off paper to deliver Christmas presents.
  • 02x14 - (15m) Nothing Columbia related is mentioned. Why do I have this episode written down? Maybe I wrote it down wrong...
  • 03x08 - (1m) Marshall takes the Bar exam.
  • 03x16 - (15m) Lilly's old friend is getting her PHD in behavioral psychology at Columbia.
  • 04x09 - (14m) Ted considers performing the "Naked Man" as The Thinker.
  • 04x20 - (19m) Ted talks about the infamous story of an architect who forgot to account for the books when designing a building. Sound familiar?.
  • 04x23 - Tony, who's family donates a lot of money, offers Ted a teaching job at Columbia to make up for stealing his wife.
  • 04x24 - Ted takes the "best job [he] ever had," a professor of architecture at Columbia.
  • 05x01 - Ted starts his job at Columbia. The episode, fittingly, opens with a Vampire Weekend song. Also, a bust of Socrates. I don't think that's at Columbia.
  • 05x12 - More ted classroom time
  • 05x13 - Classroom time with winter shot of Columbia Steps!
  • 06x03 - (0m) More establishing shots! Ted gives a lecture that changes someone's life.
  • 06x07 - "I am a professor. I teach [architecture] at one of the best colleges in the country.""
  • 06x13 - Nothing Columbia related. Just a really good episode.
  • 09x16 - Classroom time with The Mother. Exterior shots that look nothing like Columbia.
  • 09x18 - External shot of Columbia's campus in 1941.

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