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==External Links==
==External Links==
University Registrar Add/Drop Website: http://registrar.columbia.edu/content/adddrop-classes-0
[http://registrar.columbia.edu/content/adddrop-classes-0 University Registrar Add/Drop Website]
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[[Category:How to]]

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Add/Drop Through SSOL

All students have the opportunity to add and drop classes through SSOL before the semester begins, and for the first two weeks of the semester.

  1. Log on to SSOL with your UNI and password and then click on "Registration."
  2. During your allotted registration windows, you will see the list of classes for which you are currently registered.
  3. If you want to drop one of your classes, simply select the class and then press the "Drop" button below your schedule. Careful: once you drop the class, it will immediately be available for someone else to switch into on SSOL, so you may lose your place if it is a small lecture or a Core class.
  4. If you want to add a new class, simply press the "Search Class" button below your schedule. You can then enter in a department name, class name, or a keyword, and be directed to a list of matching classes. If a class still has available spaces and does not conflict with one of your current classes, you may then press the "Add Class" button. Once you confirm your selection, you will be immediately enrolled in the class.
    1. Alternatively, if you know the five-digit call number of the class for which you are searching, you can simply enter that in the "Call#" search box above your schedule and add the class in fewer steps.

Add/Drop with a Paper Form

If you are unable to switch into or out of a class on SSOL, you must use a paper Add/Drop form to switch your class. (For example, if you are trying to switch into a class which is already full on SSOL.)

  1. Print a copy of the Add/Drop form, located here: http://registrar.columbia.edu/files/registrar/registration%20and%20add_drop_1.pdf
  2. Write in the information on the form.
  3. Take the form to the professor of the class that you are trying to add or drop and have them sign the form. Tip: If you are trying to switch into a very popular class, be sure to email the professor as early as possible with your intentions to switch, and attend the first few classes even if you have not yet been able to successfully switch.
  4. Take the form to the Student Advising Center, located on the fourth floor of Lerner Hall (403), and have your advisor sign the form.
  5. Take the form to the University Registrar, located in 205 Kent Hall (one level down from the campus entrance), and give the form to a clerk. They will then enter the information on the form and update your schedule on SSOL.

Add/Drop a Core Class

If you are trying to switch into or out of a Core Class and you are unable to do so on SSOL, you must petition through the Center for the Core Curriculum.

  1. Go to the Center for the Core Curriculum, located at 202 Hamilton Hall.
  2. Ask the secretary for an Add/Drop form, and then fill out the form with all of the relevant information.
  3. Return the form to the secretary, and if the Office is able to fulfill your request, your SSOL schedule will be updated later that day.

External Links

University Registrar Add/Drop Website