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]Flex is dollar for dollar money on your CUID. It's a bit like having a charge account, since the funds you put on it are charged on your monthly Columbia bill. It can be used by all enrolled students, faculty, and staff of Columbia University.
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==How to add Flex Dollars==
Columbia students may add money onto their accounts through Columbia Student Services Online (SSOL)
#Navigate to [www.ssol.columbia.edu Columbia Student Services Online (SSOL)].
#Log in to SSOL (Student Services OnLine) with your UNI and password.
#Scroll down on the screen you are redirected to and click “FlexAccount and Dining Dollars”, located under the heading of “Columbia Card”.
#Scroll down on the screen you are redirected to and click "FlexAccount Deposit Request," located in the "FlexAccount" section
#Enter in the amount you would like to add and click continue
#The amount you have requested to be deposited will appear on your next E-Bill.
Alternatively,  Columbia students may add money to their FlexAccount at the Hartley Hospitality Desk in Hartley Hall.
==Where To Use Flex Dollars==
#At 12 on-campus dining locations, including John Jay Dining Hall, Ferris Booth Commons, and JJ's Place.
#On-campus locations like the University bookstore, campus copy machines, laundry facilities, vending machines and the Hartley Hospitality Desk.
#Flex can also be used for purchases at many off-campus grocery stores, restaurants, drug stores, and others. A complete list can be found here: [http://dining.columbia.edu/accepted-flex-locations Accepted Flex Locations]
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