How to file a maintenance request

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47 Claremont, 548 W. 113th Street, 600 W. 113th Street and Harmony Hall, while managed by Housing, are owned and operated by University Apartment Housing (UAH), which is responsible for all maintenance and housekeeping requests. Residents in these buildings should submit their Maintenance Requests by contacting their superintendent, or by calling 212-854-9301. If problems persist, contact the Hospitality Desk at 212-854-2779 for assistance. For after-hours emergencies, contact Facilities Management at 212-854-2222.

Facilities Management handles maintenance and housekeeping requests for all residence halls and brownstones.


  1. To place a non-emergency maintenance request, visit:
  2. You can go to the left hand navigation bar, click on “Maintenance Request” and follow the instructions. To expedite service, please provide complete information and keep the confirmation email you receive from Facilities Management for your records. Note that if the problem is not responded to within fourteen days, or if you continue to have problems, you can contact the Hartley Hospitality Desk at 212-854-2779.

In non-emergency situations, the following jobs/situations are given priority: lock changes or repairs, malfunctioning plumbing (i.e., leaks, clogs, or broken plumbing equipment where there is only one toilet or shower available), repair or replacement of safety equipment, repairs necessary to maintain sanitary living conditions, and no heat.