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The WikiCU how to guides launched in 2013 as a collaboration between the Communications Committees of CCSC, ESC, GSSC, and SGA and the WikiCU management team. The goal of these guides is to centralize information dispersed over a myriad of Columbia websites and to make it easier for students and campus groups to navigate Columbia University, Morningside Heights, and New York City. By hosting the guides on WIkiCU, as opposed to other Columbia sites, information can be kept up-to-date and any member of the Columbia community with a WikiCU account may contribute.

Student Life


How to change a meal plan

How to make coffee

Health Services

How to make a Health Services appointment

How to make a Columbia Psychological Services appointment

Housing & Facilities

How to get a guest pass

How to file a maintenance request

How to get a lightbulb changed

Personal Finance

How to add Dining Dollars

How to add Flex dollars


Getting to Columbia



How to configure an iPhone/iPad for LionMail

How to configure Apple Mail for LionMail


How to use professional print services

How to scan documents on campus

How to set up your computer to print to NINJa

How to use Print@CU

UNI Management

How to change or recover your UNI password

How to change your UNI security questions



How to make an academic advising appointment

How to use a peer adviser


How to add/drop classes

How to make a class Pass/D/Fail


How to edit Courseworks discussion entries

How to review a professor

How to purchase textbooks

How to make an appointment at the Writing Center

Groups & Activities

New Groups

How to start a new student group


How to apply for JCCC cosponsorships

How to apply for the Capital Investment Fund

How to apply for the Travel Fund


How to reserve space on campus

  1. How to reserve space in Alfred Lerner Hall
  2. How to reserve space in Earl Hall
  3. How to reserve space in Faculty House
  4. How to reserve space in Low Library
  5. How to reserve space in the Diana Center
  6. How to reserve space in the Kraft Center
  7. How to reserve space in Uris Hall
  8. How to reserve outdoor space

How to use pre-calendaring

Student Councils

How to write a policy resolution

New York

Riding the subway