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Learning how to make coffee on your own will save you money in the long run. Trust me.

There are different ways to make coffee.

South Korean Method

1. Buy filters. Place coffee filter into the filter basket.
2. Determine how many cups of coffee you wish to make. Remember, one cup of coffee is 5 oz.
3. Add a one more generous tablespoon of grinds than the number of cups you wish to make. Hence, if you want to make 5 cups of coffee, you should add 6 generous tablespoons of grinds.
4. IMPORTANT: add a pinch of salt. It eliminates the sourness and makes the texture smoother.
5. Add the appropriate amount of water.
6. Turn on coffee maker. Don't burn yourself.

American Method

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1. Buy filters. Place coffee filter into the filter basket.
2. Measure out the coffee grounds. The standard is 2 Tbsp for every 6 ounces you plan to brew.
3. Measure water, according to the amount of coffee grounds you used, using the lines on the coffee pot.
4. Make sure the coffee is completely brewed.

Advanced Techniques

  • Experiment until you are satisfied. Do not use too little coffee as overextraction of the grounds can lead to bitter coffee.
  • Use hot water. Best results occur when the water is around 190 to 200 degrees Farenheit when they hit the grinds, and most coffee makers cannot heat cold water sufficiently to achieve this.
  • Try to delay grinding raw coffee beans as long as possible. The longer grinds stay out, the more they lose their flavor.

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