How to reserve space in Faculty House

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University Event Management (UEM) is responsible for the booking of spaces on campus for events, including those in Faculty House. The process for requesting a space is fairly simple.

Rooms available in Faculty House

  1. Faculty House (Occupancy: 375)

The space is good for meetings, receptions, banquets, conferences, seminars, exhibits, graduations, and performances.

How to reseve space in Faculty House

  1. Navigate to UEM's Homepage
  2. Choose whether you are a student or faculty member
  3. Use the "Explore Spaces" tool on the right side of the screen to search for spaces by size, event type and/or venue. Faculty House is listed in the drop down menu for venues.
  4. You may click "Find Spaces" if you would like to see various options, comparisons, and suggestions for the spaces. If not, you can skip this by clicking "Submit"
  5. If you are a member of a recognized student group AND have a registered account, you can log in and request the space via the Reservations tab. If your a student group does not have a registered account with UEM, you must contact them at Registered Account Users can also log in here and request a space. If you are not part of a student group, you can still request space as a non registered user.
  6. Add additional items, like Catering or Technical Services.
  7. Submit your request.

Who should request space as a non-registered user

Non-registered Users are classified as those who are:

  • An individual student not part of a recognized group
  • A film student requesting space in advance for auditions or rehearsals
  • A recognized student group requesting space in Low Library