Hudson River

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The Hudson River is the common denominator of Columbia's campuses; nearly all of the university's facilities, including the Morningside Heights campus, the Medical Center, Baker Field, Lamont-Doherty, and Nevis Labs, are located either on or within spitting distance of it. The creation of the new campus in Manhattanville will continue this trend. Even campuses which never came to fruition, such as the proposed Lincoln Center "Columbia Prime" campus, or John Erskine's proposed far-uptown Columbia College campus would have been located on the river. Thus, while one cannot truthfully say that all of Columbia University is located in Morningside Heights, "Alma Mater on the Hudson shore" continues to be a reasonably accurate description.

The crew team, for whatever reason, doesn't row on the vaunted river (though it used to, back in the 19th century). Instead, Columbia's boathouse and crew practises take place on the Harlem River. The Columbia C is painted where the two rivers intersect.