Insufficient Funds (113th Annual Varsity Show)

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Insufficient Funds, the 113th Annual Varsity Show, played in Roone Arledge Auditorium on April 27th-29th, 2007.


If you want funds!!! You got it!!! Unfortunately not the case for the students of one of the most affluent and prestigious schools in the nation. Maxine Fortune, a witch of a woman in charge of ABC, is hot on the trail of revealing Alexander Hamilton's hidden treasure. With the help of her henchmen, Goldberg and Alex the CCSC puppet, she captures David Helfand, master of time and space, in order to unlock the secret of the cosmos and rebuild the gigantic ball that once stood atop the campus Sundial. With the unexpected help of an elderly refugee from Manhattanville, Vivienne of the French Cultural Society, a Postcrypt Coffeehouse poet named Neal, and Catherine from CTV's The Gates attempt to thwart Maxine and prevent the treasure from entering into the wrong hands. The show almost climaxes into the Venetian well outside Schermerhorn, but a turn of events finds our heroes with less than they expected...and perhaps a little something more.

Creative team

  • Director: Mark Junek
  • Producers: Olivia Gorvy, Geo Karapetyan
  • Writers: Tom Keenan, Peter Mende-Siedlecki, Rob Trump
  • Composer: Henry Pedersen
  • Choreographer: Erin Debold
  • Art Director: Brigid Abraham


  • Becky Abrams--Vivienne Cousteau (Resident of the Maison Francais)
  • Caitlin Harrity--Catherine (Star of CTV's The Gates)
  • Caitlin Shure--Goldberg (ABC's Henchman)
  • Jordy Lievers--Maxine Fortune (Evil President of ABC)
  • Josh Breslow--Neal (Postcrypt Poet)
  • Mark Rosenthal--Professor David Helfand (Master of Time and Space)
  • Mike Molina--Alex (Erstwhile Columbia Politician)
  • Thomas Anawalt--Gramps (Manhattanville Resident)
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