Jack McGourty

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See also Jack McGourty's entry in Columbia's directory.

Jack McGourty is a director at Columbia Business School, having previously served in several different positions at SEAS, most recently as the Vice Dean for Corporate, Government, and Global Engagement. He has advanced degrees in Applied Psychology (PhD, Stevens, 1996), Education/School Psychology (MS, CCNY, 1982), and Urban Studies/Psychology (BA, St. Peter's College, 1976). While at Columbia he also completed an MS from TC in Clinical Psychology.

When McGourty came to Columbia Engineering in 1998, he was placed in charge of the Gateway Lab. In 2011, he was discharged of those duties to focus on CTICE and related responsibilities.

At one point, McGourty also maintained an outside business called Selfless Leadership, in which he was a motivational speaker. It's not known if he's still doing this, however.

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