Jeffrey Loria

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Jeffrey Loria MBA '68 is perhaps the most evil baseball owner to take control of a team since Walter O'Malley. This is appropriate, given the nefarious characters of fellow graduates from his alma mater


Loria made his fortune selling and dealing art. He completed several books in art, including an innocuous book entitled What's It All About Charlie Brown?, which saw life through Peanut's comic strips. He eventually became a majority owner of the Montreal Expos. Once in control, he alienated the Montreal fanbase by demanding the construction of a replacement for Olympic Stadium, cutting all radio broadcasts, and jacking prices to unacceptable levels. He eventually sold the franchise for a profit to a group of investors, who moved the team to Washington, DC to become the Washington Nationals. He then became owner of the Florida Marlins and oversaw their winning of the 2003 World Series. After the championship year, he fire sold the entire team, destroying any hope of a title defense.