Jeremy Waldron

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Jeremy Waldron is a New Zealander who once taught at the law school. Waldron began teaching at Columbia in 1997, and gave the University Lecture in Spring 2000. Popular among students, who would place Kiwis on his podium, Waldron is considered one of the foremost legal philosophers in the world, and ascended to the rank of University Professor.

Nevertheless, Waldron defected to NYU in 2006, the third professor to do so in a year, after Cynthia Estlund and Samuel Issacharoff. This sparked fears of the law school's relative decline vis-a-vis its downtown rival. Waldron claimed he was moving to work more closely with legal philosophy titan Ronald Dworkin, but was apparently upset over the hiring process for the current law school dean and possibly the greater teaching loads Columbia had assigned to him.

Waldron reportedly never submitted grades for the last undergraduate course he taught at Columbia (which is a strange report inasmuch as Waldron never taught an undergraduate course at Columbia).

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