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'''Mark Modesitt''', [[CC]] '10, is currently the president of the Class of 2010 Council.
On Monday 5th March 2007, a threat was written permanent marker on the door of Modesitt's [[John Jay]] floor 8 single. The threat read "Mark is racist, I'll kill you." Modesitt notified Public Safety, naming at least four first year students. Public Safety then launched an investigation, sending an email to each implicated student. One of the students under investigation is Joey Goldberg, CC '10, a class representative running on the GO ticket against Modesitt's Alma Mater Remix party in the [[CCSC]] elections. He claims not to have had anything to do with the death threat. The other students under investigation include Chris Duncan, CC '10, an opinion editor for the [[Columbia Spectator]], Rita Morales, CC '10, and Chloe Faux, CC '10.
'''Mark Modesitt''', [[Columbia College|CC]] '[[2011|11]], was an [[Anthropology]] major. He was president of the [[CC 2010 Class Council|Class of 2010 Council]] for the [[2006]]-[[2007|07]] academic year.
The residents of his floor were made to attend a mandatory meeting about "hate speech", held by floor 8 [[RA]] Alex Topkins. Modesitt's door was sanded down soon after the incident.
Some of the accused students have created a [[protests|protest]] group on [[Facebook]] called "I'm Being Investigated by Mark Modesitt". The group was deleted on Thursday 8th March or Friday 9th March. Other Columbia students have since created a new group called "Class of 2010 is a Disgrace".
{{succession|preceded=None|succeeded=[[AJ Pascua]]|office=President of the Class of 2010|years=2006-2007}}
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* [http://media.www.columbiaspectator.com/media/storage/paper865/news/2007/03/07/News/Ccsc-2010.President.Gets.Death.Threat-2762060.shtml Spectator article]
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* [http://columbia.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2249728266 Facebook group]
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Mark Modesitt, CC '11, was an Anthropology major. He was president of the Class of 2010 Council for the 2006-07 academic year.

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President of the Class of 2010 
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