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Move-in for new and returning students always takes place in the week preceding Labor day. For 2009, the reported move-in dates were:

  • August 30 - Sunday: Move-in for first-year students outside the Northeast (and outside the US)
  • August 31 - Monday: Move-in for first-year students from the Northeast
  • September 5 - Saturday: Returning students (non-freshmen) move-in.
  • September 7 - Monday: Labor Day.
  • September 8 - Tuesday: Class begins.

Note: These dates change from year to year based on the position of Labor Day. Incoming first-year students who wish to arrive on the earlier date (Sunday) must be invited by Housing Services. The email invitation usually goes out in early July. Returning students often have the option of moving in up to two days before their scheduled move-in date (Saturday), but must pay an early arrival fee to do so.

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