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NINJa refers to the CUIT-developed printing system that powers 100 printers throughout the Morningside Heights campus. The precursor to NINJa was called JAKE. No one has any idea why it was called that, and everyone at AcIS agreed that it didn't sound very bad ass at all. Therefore, the new name: "Ninja Is Not Jake." Seriously. Some of the graduate schools opt out of NINJa and provide their own system.

Undergraduate students get 100 pages per week of free black and white printing on NINJa, plus an extra 100 per semester. You can print to NINJa from any CUIT campus computer. Specific NINJa printers can be added to your personal computer and printed to directly from anywhere in the world. In addition the handy website Print@CU, develoepd by Sam Aarons allows users to upload PDFs and other documents for easy printing. Once you've printed you must walk to the printer and authenticate with your UNI and password to retrieve the print job.

NINJa is one of the unsung gems of the CUIT world, with generous quotas and generally decent, if imperfect, reliability.

Brotip: If you hit Alt + Ctrl + Backspace on the printer immediately after your printing job is done, then the terminal shuts off before the printed pages are deducted from your quota. This can be helpful if you're printing a really long document or if you're running low on print quota. As of April 12, 2013, it was reported that CUIT blocked this feature.

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