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Founded: 2004
Recognition: ABC / SGA
Membership: ?
Executive Board: Jessica Pulitzer, director
Joseph Kaptur, director
Category: Special interest
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Nightline is a an anonymous peer counseling hotline. It allows students to get support on any issue from an anonymous counselor.


Nightline counselors can be reached at x47777 every night between 10 PM - 3 AM.


The Nightline counselors are student volunteers and not professionals, though they do undergo a semester long training process.


In order to maintain anonymity, counselors are prohibited from disclosing their involvement in Nightline to any other Columbia student for the duration of their time with the organization. The callers are not asked to reveal their identity, nor do the counselors have any means of identifying the callers. Since the directors of the organization are publicly known, they do not take calls.


Counselors can't say anything about what was discussed on calls to anyone outside of Nightline.

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