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A Pre-Medical Concentration (always just called pre-med) is a special concentration offered to undergraduate students who wish to continue on to medical school after graduation.

Not to be confused with the Postbac Premed program at GS, which is for students who already possess a bachelor's degree.


Students in CC or SEAS who wish to be pre-med can speak with an adviser in the Center for Student Advising. Specifically, the Office of Pre-Professional Advising exists to assist undergraduates in these two schools to this end. Pre-med is not sufficient for graduation in and of itself (unlike some other universities). While no specific department houses the program, a specific curricular plans has been mapped out for students to follow.

In addition to the curriculum planning, students receive help prepping for the MCAT and applying to medical school.


GS students interested in pre-med should speak with their adviser in the Dean of Students Office. The structure of the program for current undergraduates is similar to that of CC and SEAS students.

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