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* [[1924]]: [[Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin]] CC 1883
* [[2008]]: [[John Matteson]] PhD?, English prof at John Jay College
* [[2008]]: [[John Matteson]] PhD?, English prof at John Jay College

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See also Wikipedia's article about "Pulitzer Prize".

The Pulitzer Prizes are given out every April to writers and journalists by the Graduate School of Journalism‎. They are named for Joseph Pulitzer, the J-School's founding donor, and were first awarded in 1917.

Often, Columbia will acclaim alums for having received them, although they're given out by the university itself. Specifically, the Pulitzer Board, which decides the winners, consists of a number of longtime editors and professors, and, ceremonially, the University President.

Clearly, they don't give out an award for ethics.

Columbia alumni winners

Notable Columbia alumni who have won the prize include:

International Reporting

Investigative Reporting






General Non-fiction


A more comprehensive list of Columbia alumni winners will be posted here soon.

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