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Radiators can be the source of a love-hate relationship for residents of Columbia Housing or University Apartment Housing.

These outmoded heating elements invariably are off when you need them and on when you don't. When they're on, though, they are quite effective. However, most are unadjustable, since they are centrally controlled in many buildings.

Radiator reviews

  • 47 Claremont: pipe that runs vertically through your room (from floor to ceiling), gets extremely hot so you constantly need to adjust the degree to which your window is open
  • Broadway: heating/cooling unit under the window, but many of the units are faulty and in the summer will crank out cold air for a few minutes before deciding to heat your room instead
  • East Campus: heating/cooling units, as in Broadway, but they generally work quite effectively
  • John Jay: typical radiator unit underneath window, heats but doesn't cool