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The Residence Hall Leadership Organization (RHLO) is an initiative created in 2011 through which current students can aid their Resident Advisors in running Res Life activities and affairs in their residence hall hubs. It's a good way for first-year students to become active in their communities, and you can learn about the process by following the steps below.

How to join RHLO

  1. Only first-year students and students living in select residence halls, like Schapiro, may currently apply for RHLO.
  2. The application process opens near the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters. Advertisements containing dates and important information are usually posted on the RA bulletin boards near the elevators of each residence hall.
  3. Applicants have multiple methods of application. They may submit written essays, songs, videos or other forms that suit the purpose of the application.

External links

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