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(correcting ruggles murder suicide to room 509 rather than 209)
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Bad shit that's happened here:
Bad shit that's happened here:
*[[Ruggles murder-suicide]] of [[2000]] in Suite 209
*[[Ruggles murder-suicide]] of [[2000]] in room 509
*[[Ruggles vandalization incident]] of [[2006]]
*[[Ruggles vandalization incident]] of [[2006]]

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Built ?
(Converted 1964)
Renovated 2006 -
Population 189
University Residence Halls
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Ruggles is a residence hall that mostly houses sophomores and juniors in suites.

Ruggles suites 708-714 and 808-814 were renovated during the summer of 2006. Housing Services is considering renovating further suites this summer.

Most 4-person suites go to juniors or occasionally seniors. Most 7-person suites go to crafty sophomores (who are willing to take two doubles to get three singles) and mixed-class groups.


Ruggles was originally the Arizona Hotel. In 1964, the university purchased it and converted it into a graduate residence. It was later made into undergraduate housing.

Bad shit that's happened here:


Floors 7 & 8: recently renovated and kitchens have dishwashers.


  • 16 4-person suites
  • 1 1st floor 5-person suite
  • 2 1st floor 6-person suites
  • 12 8-person suites with 2 singles and 3 doubles
  • 2 8-person suites with 4 singles and 2 doubles

Advantages and disadvantages


  • A short walk to JJ's Place, the John Jay Dining Hall, Butler, and Hamilton Hall. Strokos is practically next door
  • Parties more feasible than you'd think
  • Some huge (175+ sq ft) singles
  • Weekly cleaning of common areas
  • High floors have access to the roof. Actually going up there is prohibited, but rarely enforced unless a lot of people are there
  • Good soundproofing between rooms


  • Exposed pipes
  • Poor lighting
  • Rodent infestation
  • Poor temperature regulation
  • Small bathroom in 8 person suites is very small (25 sq. ft)
  • Insufficient laundry equipment (4 washers and 4 dryers when all are operational)
  • Slow single elevator
  • You have to take your garbage to the basement yourself
  • No stair access to basement
  • Inadequate common area (no chairs; flat screen with no remote)
  • Many rooms exposed to nighttime noise on Frat Row
  • You have to swipe open the entrance door only to be swiped again by a guard


Note: These images are from renovated suites only.

Floor plans

Building addresss

508 W. 114th St.
New York, NY 10025



<googlemap lat="40.805687" lon="-73.962678" type="map" zoom="16" width="500" height="300" controls="small"> 40.805687, -73.962678, Ruggles residence hall </googlemap>

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