Sara Bernstein

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Sara G. Bernstein
Name: Sara G. Bernstein
Birth Date: May 21, 1998
School: Columbia College
Graduation Year: 2021
Awards and Recognition: Class of Covid '19
Occupation: Computer Science, Personal Shopper
Family: Parents: Joseph Bernstein CC '87. Sister in Law: Mikaella Bernstein CC '17. Brother in Law: Benjamin Apfel CC '18

Sara Bernstein, CC '21, was a trailblazing CS whiz and one of Adam Cannon's foremost disciples of this decade. A little bit country (she was born in Houston) and a lot a bit Bloomingdales (her family subsequently moved to New Rochelle), Sara's unique perspective on the American experience greatly enriched Columbia's diverse community. An enthusiastic supporter of women in STEM, when Sara wasn't busy completing a problem set or surfing bloomies, she volunteered her time to Girls Who Code.