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Seth Flaxman

Seth Flaxman CC '07 was president of the Columbia College Student Council during the 2006-07 academic year. Before that, he was president of the College Democrats. Outside of college, Flaxman served as an auxiliary police officer. After graduating he worked as a research assistant at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Flaxman is currently studying at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. He is not to be confused with his namesake, Seth Flaxman, Harvard '08.

CCSC Presidential Election 2006

Flaxman, an outsider, went up against veteran CCSC insider Nishant Dixit after Class of 2007 president David Chait announced he would continue to serve as class president and not seek higher office. Flaxman's party won on the promise of substantially bolstering financial aid.

CCSC Presidency

While President of CCSC, Columbia underwent several reforms that Flaxman helped bring about:

  • Undergraduate financial aid was reformed for students with families making under 50K, with all their loans being replaced with grants. This was the issue upon which Flaxman ran for President.
  • Undergraduate advising was reformed.
  • The 6th floor of Lerner may finally be developed as part of the plan to reform advising.
  • Revolutionized the student council president email. Students had varying responses to Flaxman's emails. Some say they are quite inspired.

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