Shreyas Manohar

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Shreyas Manohar is one of the most well-known and beloved figures amongst people on campus whose name is Shreyas.

He is in the cast of The 122nd Annual Varsity show, and one of the rare people who got in despite of not being able to sing. He does a lot of theatre and performing arts on campus. He started hosting Stand-up comedy shows featuring many campus comedy personalities often at Postscrypt. During the first show, they apparently had to change rooms and perform in the choir room because of too many attendees. Recently, he made a video with Deantini which went viral in the Columbia community. How he got Deantini to do all the stuff he did remains unknown as of now. Shreyas is also a major literary personality on campus, known not only for his writing but also for the way he reads his work at literary events. He is rumored to be formerly involved with a secret society on campus. He is from Mumbai, India.