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Did you mean: Sidd's Glasses

Siddhant (Sidd) Bhatt SEAS '14 was the 2014 president of the Engineering Student Council. He is studying Operations Research.

In 2013, he was elected ESC president as part of the PSet 150 party in the second consecutive uncontested election for that position. Sidd has also served as Vice-President of Finance, Vice-President of the SEAS Class of 2014, and Class Representative of the SEAS Class of 2013. He is a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sidd is well known for his iconic glasses.

During his tenure as VP of Finance, Sidd created the Travel and Capital Investment Funds through collaboration with then CCSC VP Finance Daphne Chen. Sidd also led the annual CU Assassins game hosted by ESC in 2013.

As ESC President, Sidd and his team, along with members of CCSC, were instrumental in passing several policy initiatives that brought public Columbia Wi-Fi to the Law School Library, extended undergraduate access to Watson Library, and prevented the implementation of an unpopular policy in which commuter students were restricted access to Columbia residence halls.

Preceded by
Tim Qin
ESC Student Body President 
Succeeded by
Brian Wu

Preceded by
Frank Yin
ESC Vice President of Finance 
Succeeded by
Brian Wu