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The Student Government Association (SGA) is Barnard's student council. Until 2013, it served a dual role as both the student government of Barnard College, as well as a governing board for student groups at Barnard. In spring 2013, SGA announced the creation of the Governing Board at Barnard to take on its rapidly increasing club administration responsibilities.

Our Mission

The Student Government Association of Barnard College aims to facilitate the expression of opinions on matters affecting the Barnard community through active communication between students, administration, and faculty. With various forums for collaboration, such as committees and weekly Representative Council meetings, SGA strives to promote open dialogue and action that will enhance student life at Barnard College.

All Barnard College students, by virtue of having paid student activities fees, are members of the SGA. Thus, SGA calls on all Barnard College students to take initiative in continuing the SGA’s tradition of equitable self-government and to hold both administrators and students accountable to the College’s larger mission, to foster women leaders and intellectuals.


SGA is composed of the executive board, the representative council, the class councils, and the committees.

The Executive Board

  • Student Body President:
  • VP Student Government:
  • VP Finance:
  • VP Campus Life:
  • VP Communications:

The Representative Council

  • University Senator:
  • Senior Representative to the Board of Trustees:
  • Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees:
  • Representative for Campus Policy:
  • Representative for Academic Affairs:
  • Representative for Diversity:
  • Representative for Campus Affairs:
  • Representative for Student Services:
  • Representative for Information and Technology:
  • Representative for Arts and Culture:
  • Representative for Student Interests:
  • Representative for College Relations:

The Class Councils

  • Senior Class Council:
  • Junior Class Council:
  • Sophomore Class Council:
  • First-Year Class Council:

The Committees

  • Election Commission Committee:
  • Committee on Policy (COP):
  • Appointments Committee:
  • Campus Life Committee (CLC):
  • Committee on Public Relations (CPR):
  • Sustainable Initiatives Consulting Board (SICB):
  • Student Academic Advisory Committee (SAAC):
  • Committee on Diversity (CoD):
  • Housing Advisory Board (HAB):
  • Food Advisory Board (FAB):
  • Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC):
  • Committee on Arts (CoA):
  • Financial Advisory Council (FAC):
  • Committee on Instruction (COI):
  • Barnard Library Academic Information Services Committee (BLAIS):


Apply at least two weeks before the event. Any student group that includes Barnard students or has an event that can benefit Barnard students is eligible for SGA co-sponsorship. Contact the VP Finance by the the first or third Friday of each month at noon. A representative from the organization requesting the co-sponsorship must come to the SGA Co-sponsorship Committee meeting to give a brief presentation and answer any committee questions. The representative must bring copies of the event budget summary and any other pertinent handouts for the presentation. Please make sure that the person presenting is the contact listed on the application.

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