Taint Gate

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View of Van Am Quad from within the Taint

The Taint Gate is the gate that encloses the east side of open air corridor between Hartley Hall and Wallach Hall located at W. 115 Street and Amsterdam Avenue. The gates ensure that there is no street access to the Living Learning Center (LLC) during normal operation. These gates are rarely unlocked and are only opened for medical emergencies, new student move-in, and move-out.

The name

Although the reference is slightly vulgar, the "Taint Gate" is commonly used by facility directors and employees, and included in some University documents.[1][2][3] In one of The Record's "Ask The Owl" features, the author explains the name saying "it’s called the T’aint Gate because '’T’aint part of Hartley and ’t’aint part of Wallach.'"[4]