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{{Infobox administration
{{Infobox administration
|Director=[[Barry Kane]]
|Director/Head= [[Barry Kane]]
|Location=205 [[Kent Hall]]
|Location=205 [[Kent Hall]]

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Director/Head {{{Head}}}
Location 205 Kent Hall
Phone 212-854-4330
Hours M-F 9-5
Website Click Here

The University Registrar

  • Sets the calendar.
  • Sets timetables.
  • Sets course room assignments.
  • Handles course registration.
  • Keeps track of your grades.
  • Prints and mails transcripts.

In the past, the people in the registrar's office were arbitrarily cruel and spiteful. Recently, they seem to have lightened up a bit, after a million dollar re-education program.[1]

Coming soon, a guide to hacking into the registrar's computers. Just kidding.