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Urban New York is program organized every semester by the Division of Student Affairs for CC and SEAS. Students enter a lottery by ranking about 20 or so cultural events in order of preference. Spaces on these events are allocated to students in the order of their lottery number. The most coveted tickets are usually to Broadway shows, and dinner at Nobu Next Door.

In the Fall semester, the lottery is only open to first-years; in the Spring semester, it is open to upperclassmen.

If you don't receive your top choice, you can ask to be placed on a waitlist in case of any cancellations. If that fails, you can often meet up with the group that's going to that event on the day of to take the spot of someone who doesn't show. This is an option open to all students in CC and SEAS in all years.

SEAS students can also take advantage of SEAS New York, a similar program just for engineering students, both undergraduate and graduate.

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