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Currently making spottier contributions because I just moved and started a new job. Props to Pacman for keeping up the contribs hardcore. --Nonsensical 04:39, 11 August 2007 (EDT)

To do list

Articles I want to eventually remember to write but can't right now. This list is mostly for me, but if they're interesting to you or if you for some reason want to add something to it, feel free.

  1. Whittle down the List of clubs that need articles to nothing by creating articles/stubs for all of them.
  2. Guide to planning and executing performances
  3. Adding building addresses to all of the residence halls - I could never find them when I needed them
  4. Expand student perspectives sections of residence halls
  5. Expand Minuteman stage-rush
  6. Add some balance to the Columbia-Barnard relationship article
  7. CCIT article
  8. Notable celebrity students, (Jake & Maggie Gyllenhall, Lauryn Hill, Anna Paquin, etc.)
  9. The J-School rape incident - I don't want to write it, but it should be written up and nobody's done it yet
  10. Add pictures to people articles when possible
  11. Study abroad guide (fill in details of process)