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WTF Columbia, or What To Fix Columbia, is a site for Columbia and Barnard students to post ideas for the improvement of their undergraduate experience. In addition to providing a platform for the student community to make their ideas heard, WTF Columbia functions as a system for the student councils to assess the priority of different issues on campus.


In fall 2011, Virat Gupta (CC '12), then VP Communications on CCSC, organized a series of tabling events to collect information from the student body about any concerns or points of improvement for the Columbia community.

The following year, The site was launched in the spring semester of 2013 following development by Jared Odessky (CC '15) and Yanyi Luo (CC '13) using the Ideascale platform.


To make a post, a student fills out the "Submit an Issue" form, including a description, category, and any sorting tags. These are subject to moderation by members of student council.


Once a post is submitted, it is immediately visible on the "Recent" page of WTF Columbia. Users are free to upvote, downvote, and comment on the post. Posts are ranked by their net score.


Site moderators flag posts as "In Review" when an idea has been discussed for a plan of action. Once "In Progress".

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