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Zeta Psi is a fraternity whose Columbia chapter (the alpha chapter) was formed on December 12, 1879. The fraternity house was located at 531 West 113th Street. Zeta Psi is known on campus primarily for its parties, annual highlights include Jello Jam (hundreds of jello shots), Jello Wrestling, and Mardi Gras. The fraternity has had a strong relationship with the campus bar 1020, with brothers working there are as staff. The fraternity is generally considered to be composed of stoners and guys who like to party.

After several semesters of failing to fill their house, and after an incident that involved alcohol given to prefrosh at Days on Campus, Zeta Psi lost their house in the summer of 2007. Since the house was confiscated, it is uncertain what will happen to it. Zeta Psi now joins Phi Gamma Delta as a Columbia fraternity that has lost their house.

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