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Winning the 1934 Rose Bowl has, to date, been the greatest accomplishment in Columbia football history. And it's all been downhill from there (just kidding).

On New Year's Day, 1934, the Lions travelled to Pasadena, California to play the heavily-favored Stanford Indians. Stanford had only been scored on four times the entire season, but the Light Blue had performed well, going 7-1 for the season. The day was uncharacteristically rainy for Southern California, and the muddy field rendered the game scoreless going into the second quarter. At that time, and with the ball on the Stanford 17-yard line, Columbia quarterback Cliff Montgomery '34 executed a trick play called KF-79. During the play, he spun and slipped the ball to Al Barabas '36, and then faked a hand-off to Ed Brominski '35, who ran in the opposite direction. While the Indians went for Montgomery and Brominski, Barabas successfully ran around the defense to score for the Lions. Columbia ended up winning the game, 7-0, capping one of the biggest upsets in Rose Bowl history. The win also cemented Lou Little's reputation at Columbia as the Lions' greatest coach of the 20th century.


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