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John Jay Dining Hall is located in John Jay residence hall. It is open every day, from Monday to Sunday, 10:00am-1:30pm for brunch and 5pm-8pm for dinner. All first year students must have a meal plan, which they can use at John Jay.

John Jay has good vegan and vegetarian options - and edible kosher and halal options.

John Jay is divided into three sections: the front dining hall, the kitchen in the middle, and the rear dining room (known as King's Table).

John Jay is Columbia's only full-service dining facility, in contrast to the many on-campus cafes. Despite its important role in (first-year) student life, the facility is unfortunately in very poor condition and long overdue for a renovation. The wood paneling in the main dining room has extensive damage and paint is flaking off the ceiling. The kitchen lacks an adequate ventilation system, resulting in suffocating heat in the summer.



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