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==External Links==
==External Links==
* [ DePilllis's Twitter feed]
* [ Lydia's Twitter feed]
* [ Lydia's ''Washington Post'' author page]
* [ Lydia's ''The New Republic'' author page]
* [ Lydia's ''Washington City Paper'' author page]
* [ Lydia's ''New York Observer'' author page]
[[Category:Columbia College alumni|DePillis]]
[[Category:Columbia College alumni|DePillis]]
[[Category:Class of 2009|DePillis]]
[[Category:Class of 2009|DePillis]]
[[Category:Bwog editors|DePillis]]
[[Category:Bwog editors|DePillis]]

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See also Lydia DePillis's entry in Columbia's directory.

Lydia DePillis CC '09 hails from Seattle, and is currently working as a journalist for the Washington Post, covering business issues on the Post's Wonkblog. She has previously written for such outlets as Slate, the Washington City Paper, the New York Observer, and The New Republic.

She was the chief editor of Bwog and managing editor of The Blue and White from March to December 2007. During her tenure, particularly her coverage of the Minuteman stage-rush incident, the Bwog became a must-read source of campus news. She was named one of the UWIRE 100 "best and brightest student journalists" in 2009[1].

Lydia also competed on the Parliamentary Debate Team. She studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa in the spring of her junior year.

Preceded by
Taylor Walsh
Bwog Editor 
Succeeded by
Juli Weiner



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